About us

“Nordenlink” LLC stepped into the market of used commercial vehicles since 2001.

The company focuses its activity on brokerage and dealership trade of trucks, semi-trailers, construction and agricultural machinery.

For the convenience of our customers from African and Latin American countries we created a web site, where all the current offers especially for these markets are listed together.

Prices available in the stocklist include delivery to the ports of Antwerp, Hamburg, and Amsterdam.

For the calculation of shipment costs to the destination port, the customer can contact shipment companies by their choice, and choose the most -time and cost-effective delivery option.

About us
About us

For the delivery costs optimization, and keeping the price on the competitive level, we deliver the vehicles on the platform trucks from different locations straight to the ports’ warehouses.

Delivery time: 14-21 calendar days.

Platform trucks arrive to the ports every week, on Wednesdays/Thursdays.

We inform the customer during the waiting period about the process of export and transit documents preparation, as well as about the process of delivery, and unloading at the port’s warehouse.