How to buy

If the customer decides to make a purchase, they need to contact us and send the necessary information for the invoice:

For private persons:

  1. Name, Surname
  2. ID/Passport number
  3. Address: country, city, post code, street
  4. Email & phone number.

For companies:

  1. Legal entity name
  2. Registration number of the legal entity
  3. Address: country, city, post code, street
  4. Email & phone number.

Proforma-invoice is sent to the customer by email or WhatsApp, with 1-2 days validity. From the moment of receipt and confirmation of the payment, the vehicle is reserved for up to 5 business days until the day of receiving the full amount of payment on the bank account. The customer gets information about the payment receipt immediately.

Reservation of vehicles up to 2-3 weeks is possible after making a deposit of 20% from the purchase.

All payments shall be made only in Euro, by non-cash transfer to the bank account, included in the invoice. Payment by cash is possible only from the territory of Poland or Lithuania with transfer to the company’s bank account through bank branches.
In the annotation (purpose) of the payment, VIN of the purchased vehicle and customer’s info shall be specified. It is important for accounting purposes, especially with installment payments.

After the receipt of full payment, in order for us to make transit and export documents, the customer shall send us booking confirmation of delivery from the arrival port (Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg) to the destination port from the shipping agency company.

Reservation of the spot on autotransporter and clarification of the exact delivery date is possible only after the receipt of full payment.

Accompanying documents can be sent to the customer by mail, or given together with the vehicle in the port to the shipping company representative, which serves the further transportation.